Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random Gaming Star: Murdra!

This new feature will appear whenever I encounter a startling, memorable character in the games that I play. The characters don't have to bear any significant impact on the games as long as they are able to make a positive and/or a negative impression on me. Also, bear in mind that I have never been a fan of spoilers so those things will be kept to a minimum. Enjoy!

Case File #1 - ArcaniA: Gothic 4 (Personal Computer)

The first time her name is uttered, it sounded like the person was talking about a "murderer" but then when you meet Murdra for the first time, well, she does indeed look like a murderer! Then, she starts speaking and you can immediately tell that she is one bossy bit%#, a characteristic that should be pretty obvious because she is the tavern owner type. Sure, the men around here may fancy the "fisherwomen" living not too far away from Murdra's tavern but at least Murdra knows that she will not be trifled with because of her seemingly superior disposition, even though the lack of intimacy does push her into the realm of unsanitary hygiene since she never washes after herself and her arms are drenched in what looks to be spattered blood that could originate from the chicken she slaughtered or the men she tried to seduce.

STAR POWER: 4 out of 5

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