Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh No! PSN Down?

I wanted to play some online Dynasty Warriors 7 on the PlayStation 3 this morning when I was greeted by the message of "PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance." At first, I thought that there was something wrong with my wi-fi connection but after testing my other devices, I decided to check the official website for an answer to this sudden interruption in service. Apparently, it has been down since the 20th and the latest official update from yesterday seems to indicate that it will not be back up anytime soon:

What was that bit about "additional security"?

I am not upset that the PSN is down because well, it's a free service and blunders such as this one is excusable, as long as none of my personal information gets leaked to some hackers because if that was the case, Sony would have to give some heavy compensation to all who were affected. I am sure that those who actually paid for that ridiculous "pay to get rewarded" scam of a subscription program (aka PlayStation Plus) are certainly feeling some sort of regret right now but I am sure that they will get some sweet band-aid reward when the service is back up... But then again, since people actually pay to get nothing from Sony, why would Sony want to give them something unless they pay more? So I am thinking that the PlayStation Plus users will probably be offered some discounts on all of the PSN Store items when everything is back online. That way, Sony will get more money and everyone will be happy!

Update Note: 04/27/2011 - Personal data was compromised. This is turning out to be quite a terrible event for Sony and especially, for us PSN users. This is made worse by the fact that Sony cared about themselves first instead of their customers by withholding the possibility of personal data loss instead of taking that precaution from day one of the security breach.

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