Saturday, April 30, 2011

Does My Video Gaming Turn You On?

A boring Saturday leads to a strange questionnaire I made specifically for my significant other in regards to me and my video gaming hobby The questions were printed on a piece of paper but it didn't take too long for my significant other to answered all of them and returned it back to me. I suppose the simplistic one word answer should be pretty telling:

1) How do you see me in regards to being a gamer?
"Not sure."

2) Do you think video games get in the way of our relationship?

3) Do you miss me when I am playing my games?

4) Do you believe me when I say that I love you more than I love my video games?

5) Do you ever wish that I am not a gamer?

6) Explain the reason(s) why you don't like watching me play my games?
"Boring and I don't understand them sometimes."

7) What kind of games do you think I like to play the most?
"The ones you like."

8) Most importantly, does my video gaming turn you on?
"Just you being somewhere else."

Nothing too surprising here with the exception of answer number 4. That last question was a silly one of course but apparently my humor didn't come through for me. This is a really fascinating insight into our gamer/non-gamer relationship and I have never laid these questions out so specifically before. We sat down and talked after I read through these answers to make sure that everything is really alright and it is. I am glad to be in a relationship with someone who is very understanding of my hobby and I have to make sure that it stays that way. I guess I should make plan to watch these last remaining Oprah shows with my significant other to further raise my likability rating. Then again, maybe not.


Kelli said...

its always great to have someone who understands your hobbies, and this just makes me laugh because I game more than my significant other, lol.

Loner Gamer said...

Sounds like you are the main gamer of the household :)

Yeah, I am just lucky to have someone who understands how time consuming this hobby truly is.