Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exercising Love & Hate: A Yf Story

I have been using Yourself!Fitness on the X-Box for a month and a half now and even though I have been very good with keeping up with my Maya appointments, things have been a bit interesting because of my chaotic console switching when using the program. On Monday of last week, I decided to use Yourself!Fitness on the X-Box 360 - it is a backward-compatible title - because I hate having to adjust the clock on my original X-Box every time I booted up the system to start up my workout program. I had to do that because I would unplug the power adapter after each session since it would get very hot and I don't want to waste energy on a system that I hardly ever use. I have done this console switch a long time ago and I ended up going back to the original X-Box so I really don't know why I even bothered this time around. I guess messing around with the system clock on the original X-Box was just too much for me. Yourself!Fitness relies on the system internal clock to allow Maya to track the consistency of your workout and on the 360, the program sometimes cannot tell the time and it would think that you are 12 hours or 24 hours ahead. Thus, I have been scolded by Maya for supposedly "missing" workout sessions that I didn't skip and that can get a bit discouraging sometimes. So now, I have decided to use the original X-Box again that is missing 2 weeks worth of important data from my 360 sessions but if that means that I don't have to worry anymore about the time displacements, so be it.

The source of all that hassle.

The good news here is that even with the weird situation mentioned above, I am getting positive results from the sessions between the two consoles. The actual weight loss is really slow but thankfully, I can see the changes when I look at myself in the mirror. My face is definitely looking thinner and there are areas of loose skin around my waist where the fat has melted off. The real test when it comes to these things however is the reactions of others in regards to the change and I finally got one those - this morning, my significant other told me that my body felt different. That should keep me going for a long time to come. I just have to remember to keep the darn disc inside my original X-Box.

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