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Monday, April 18, 2011

Games Played 04/11/2011 - 04/17/2011

- 04/11/2011 -
Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition - PC
Mafia II - PC
Phantasy Star 0 - NDS
Sacred Gold - PC
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - PC

- 04/12/2011 -
Phantasy Star 0 - NDS
Sudeki - X-Box

- 04/13/2011 -
Magicka - PC
Phantasy Star 0 - NDS
Samurai Shodown Anthology - PlayStation 2
World Heroes Anthology - PlayStation 2

- 04/14/2011 -
Phantasy Star 0 - NDS
Ridge Racer - PSP

- 04/15/2011 -
Phantasy Star Portable - PSP
Ridge Racer - PSP

- 04/16/2011 -
Borderlands - PC
Phantasy Star Portable - PSP

- 04/17/2011 -
Phantasy Star Portable - PSP


The Gameolio Podcast said...

You play quite a few games there my fine feathered friend :)

How's Borderlands these days? I'm still yet to play most of the DLC>

Loner Gamer said...

I have abandoned Borderlands for quite a while so I created a new character and played it for an hour or so to familiarize myself with the controls. I have the Zombie Island and General Knoxx contents but I haven't explored them yet.

There was a huge sale of the game on Steam last week so I was trying to capitalize on that - trying can catch some online play because of the possible boost in the community but quite frankly, I haven't gotten a chance to do that yet. I am planning to really get back into this game however.