Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Steam + PSN Marriage?

I was about to log into my Steam account this morning when I saw an option to log in using my PlayStation Network account. Clicking on that link revealed the following explanation  pop-up:

The portal technology is so powerful apparently that it could connect two gaming platforms.

I haven't been following up closely on Portal 2 at all so after a bit of research, I was surprised to find out that Valve is providing cross-platform support between only the PlayStation 3 and the Personal Computer/Mac versions. More importantly, the PS3 version comes with a free copy of the PC/Mac version! It is quite intriguing to see this set-up, especially the fact that Steam offers cross-game voice chat functionality, not to mention the new in-game cross-platform chat, so just imagine if every PS3 game opted to include this feature in the future. Well, maybe Valve just wants to entice PS3 gamers to turn to the dark side and play exclusively on the PC but whatever the reason behind this odd coupling may be, it has the potential to turn into something big if both Valve and Sony really work hard on the relationship from here on out. I am not surprised at all to see that the X-Box 360 version doesn't have the Steam connectivity because if the 360 community could see how grossly superior the free Steam service is compared to Live Gold,  Microsoft could possibly lose a lot of money and of course they would never allow that to happen. Ever.


Jason said...

Following!! We are alike so i can relate to your site. I been gaming just over twenty five years played thousands of games as well over many consoles, joysticks and gamepads.

I get the "loner" stuff lol. Anyways, nice site with alote of content. You should have way more followers then what you have. When you get a chance, check out my site.

I just started blogging in Oct (last year) and its basically all current gen articles with some old school thrown in every now and then. I'm Jason btw.

Loner Gamer said...

Hi there Jason. I appreciate the kind comment. 25+ years of gaming experience means a lot of great gaming memories for sure and the wonderful thing about it is that we have so much more to look forward to.