Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Invades X-Box LIVE

So remind me again why tomorrow's marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton needs to be celebrated by everyone worldwide? It is bad enough that the media is having a frenzy over the whole thing but imagine my shock when I noticed that the LIVE service on the X-Box 360 has been infected by the fever:

There is a special section dedicated to the royal couple for your perusal.

Microsoft seems to be putting a lot of efforts in encouraging its users to celebrate this uh, special occasion including selling avatar items inspired by the upcoming event. Sure, the marriage is probably a very special day for these two lovebirds but does it carry a significance other than that? No. Does this marriage bring peace and justice to the entire world where everyone is equal and the idea of birth-given privileges and classes amongst humans is abolished? No. Will this marriage grant the basic human rights that everybody deserves but don't have when they are unfortunate enough to live in countries that deny them those rights? No. Is this marriage any more special than the marriages of those people that you actually know and interact with on a daily basis? No. So why the heck is this thing being treated like it's the best thing that could ever grace our planet and more importantly, why is this thing even on X-Box LIVE to begin with?

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Daisy said...

Sucks for other people getting married on the same day.