Friday, April 22, 2011

Creepiest. Bunny. Ever.

Forget that bunny costume from the Silent Hill games and take a look at the new promotional banner from Direct2Drive. I have been checking up on their website on a daily basis to catch their "30 Days of Deal$" discounts. To celebrate Easter, Direct2Drive is currently offering a 25% discount on any order $19.99 and up, which is of course, rather sweet... unlike the horrific, highly disturbing images used to convey the message that it:

Twin bunnies from hell...

The tagline for the promotion threatens you to "Buy now or the bunny gets it." To be honest, I rather see this bunny get destroyed immediately, never to be seen again by anyone for the rest of eternity. So they really can't find a cute Easter bunny picture to use? I mean just look at those evil eyes, the violent smile, the colorful bow-tie/vest, and the murderous arms reaching out to grab your neck. You know there's something wrong with that bunny. I have a feeling that I will be having nightmares when I sleep tonight.

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Haha! That bunny DOES look murderous! Careful children!