Monday, August 17, 2009

Games Played 07/20/2009


Suikoden V (2006)
Developer: Konami
Platform: PlayStation 2
Purchase Date: 03/25/2006

I was never close to my father so I really don't know which reaction would be proper.

After the disappointment of Suikoden IV, Suikoden V has got to be nothing but perfection to save the franchise from sliding down towards mediocrity. Thankfully, Suikoden V succeeded in becoming one of the best games in the genre. In this exciting role playing game, you are the prince of Falena, a matriarchy ruled country on the brink of a collapse. Soon, you are forced to abandon your beloved land by the opposing forces and it's up to you to reclaim the former glory of Falena. This brief synopsis may not seem like much but what make this adventure extremely special are the many mature-driven plot threads, ranging from political intrigues to family scandals, that unify the epic narrative and how the characters interact with each other. The game mainly focuses on the dynamics between the prince, his immediate relatives, and his loyal bodyguards. The forged relationships here are believable, touching, and constantly fascinating. You'll laugh during the funny moments and you'll shed some tears during the emotional ones. You'll feel the rage towards those who have wronged you as well as the passion to set things right while recognizing the subtle signs of love, honor, rivalry, and jealousy whenever they appear throughout the game. The battle system itself - whether you are doing one-on-one duels or large skirmishes - is very basic but with a game that is completely dependent on delivering a memorable story, the only complex thing you want to experience here is with the actual plot instead of the gameplay mechanics. Suikoden V has a very long build up at the beginning though but if you are able to play through that section, you can look forward to a highly rewarding experience during the remainder of the game. Not as good as Suikoden III, but it comes bloody close. Konami, where's our Suikoden VI for the PlayStation 3?

LIBRARY STATUS: 5 out of 5

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