Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Games Played 07/22/2009

SingStar - PlayStation 3
SingStar '80s - PlayStation 2
SingStar Pop - PlayStation 2
Street Fighter IV - PC


Legend of Mana (2000)
Developer: Square Co., Ltd.
Platform: PlayStation
Purchase Date: 06/09/2000

That's right, nothing is cuter than a delusional blue pelican.

If you can tolerate its slow pacing and sometimes nonsensical but nonlinear storyline structure, Legend of Mana can provide an engaging action role playing experience. You play as a rather generic male or female main character but the real story here revolves around the many supporting casts you meet in your adventure. There are many quests to complete and the branching storyline encourage multiple playthrough of the game. The real time battle system is a lot of fun and killing the enemies never feel like a chore, especially when you have the A.I. character along your side (or a second real human player if you are lucky enough to have someone to play with you). The game offers a lot of customization options for the combat as well as the layout of the world that you explore. The latter feels a bit random at first but stick with the game long enough and you will start to notice the brilliance behind it. The 2D graphics used in this game are starting to show their age now, especially the rigid animation but the fancy special effects that Square likes to use in most of their games are still pretty though. What really took me by surprise when I played this earlier today was the incredible soundtrack. I have forgotten about many of the melodic tunes found in this game and they brought back the fond memories of playing through the game in the past.

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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