Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sleepless in Newerth

Last night, I did something that I haven't done ever since the end of my World of Warcraft days - I pulled an all-nighter playing a videogame. I didn't plan on it in advance either, just kind of happened. I am not exactly in the best of moods to play any games these days and it doesn't help that I can't find anyone to play with last night. Then, I remembered about the Heroes of Newerth closed beta and that I haven't spend much time on it. As mentioned previously, the poor camera control in that game and the overall arrogant community leave a lot to be desired but I decided to just play several games just to pass the time. This was around 9pm last night... I couldn't stop playing it until 4:30 this morning. The game is very addicting, especially now that I have a favorite hero to play as - The Puppet Master! This creepy character (sorry, screenshots are still not allowed in this closed beta) can hold your opponents in place by tying their arms and legs with puppet strings: you get see your opponents trying to run away but then they get dragged back to their original spot by the elastic strings, complete with a springy sound effect - this deadly attack is so much fun to use. You can see it in action in the video below at the 1:15 mark. He can also attach a puppet to his opponents and attacking the puppet will damage the opponents even more. Love it. I will probably be playing more HoN today.

The beta testers have access to pre-ordering the game for $30. It's still unclear when this game will come out exactly but I am definitely going to pre-order it soon. If you are really curious about this game, many people who apparently do not honor the closed beta terms of services have posted gameplay videos of it on Youtube. If you want to feel less dirty though, here's the incredible debut trailer of the game for your enjoyment:

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