Thursday, August 27, 2009

X-Box 360 Price Drop

As many have expected, Microsoft announced that the X-Box 360 will also see a price drop to their line of SKUs starting this Friday. The best deal here is of course the Elite console that now shares the same price tag as the PlayStation 3 at $299.99. Not adjusting the price of the X-Box 360 would be a dumb move, especially the fact that the PlayStation 3 is technically the superior console that doubles as a Blu-ray player, not to mention the completely free online gameplay. The constant strive for domination between these two though is going to be less compelling when OnLive finally arrives later this year. If you ever wondered why Microsoft added the rate-a-game feature on Live and is suddenly clamoring for the "Games on Demand" module recently, it's because of OnLive's threat. Though still susceptible to being rendered obsolete by OnLive, at least Sony has started the whole full game download thing for quite some time now but they do need to take a more aggressive approach to it very soon.

Major Nelson seemed a bit tense during the featured video announcement.
This time I can't tell if it's the bad acting or it's simply something else.

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