Monday, August 31, 2009

GameFly: Loner the Renter

It's funny how a big change in one's life can drastically alter one's perception of the world. Before today, if you ask me if I would ever rent a video game, I would give you an evil stare and a growl. If you are unlucky, you would also get violently clawed, Wolverine-style. I was actually going to hit the electronic store tonight to check out some games (which usually means that I would buy something) but instead, I stayed home and signed up for a rental subscription on GameFly.

I am doing this out of curiosity more than anything else. I thought it would be interesting to at least experience how it feels to rent video games. If I don't like it, I can then cancel it at the end of the month but if I do like it, then it has to be a good thing. The only worry I have with renting is this: I will have to play the games right away and focus on those games when they arrive. This of course is contrary to my more happy-go-lucky, mood-dependent approach to playing games. I have always been the one to agree that you cannot say no to something until you at least try it... So, here we are.

Don't worry, I don't plan on discontinuing the expansion of my game library. You just don't know how excited I am about getting the total number of games I own to finally hit 2,000. That day would be an awesome day. The rentals are probably going to slow things down if I decide to keep my subscription though. I will add a "Rented Game" list under my game library to keep track of all the games I have rented. Also, just because I have rented a game, it doesn't mean that I would not want to have that game in my possession permanently - whenever I plan to purchase a game that I have previously rented, it will be marked appropriately on this "Rented Game" list.

I am a bit nervous about this whole thing but my GameFly queue has been filled with a lot of games so...Wish me luck!

Bad news: They actually charge taxes on the subscription fee. Ewww.

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