Friday, August 14, 2009

The Return of Culdcept Central

I am in a cranky mood at the moment having to deal with a relationship that is going sour faster than a 360 red ring demise. I normally can find a game or two that can calm me down and make me feel better whenever I'm feeling horrible but I really haven't been able to do that at all with this current situation. No matter what it is I do, gaming or otherwise, it just doesn't feel right. While restlessly sitting on my futon desperately trying to find something to really occupy my mind with, I randomly typed in on the internet browser - my mind was all jumbled up - and low and behold... An attractive looking site popped up instead of the grey confessional that was left behind on that site earlier this year. Apparently, the site is back with its creator, Andyman (previously Andym4n) reviving it in full force. Here's a description of his return:

It looks like he's very determined to commit to this project for the long haul. I am of course pretty excited about this because this means that the Culdcept Saga community on the X-Box 360 will flourish again. I am still being cautious about how this is going to turn out though because reading some of the forum posts, I am already seeing signs of arrogance and elitism with some of the registered users. Since Andyman had seemingly experienced rotten players in the past, the community being forged here may turn out nicely in the end but I am going to give it some time and see how things will progress. I do miss playing Culdcept Saga and I really don't have any friends who would want to play it with me. This site was revived in mid July - I have tried looking for online matches earlier this month but I haven't found anyone playing this game lately. I'm going to try again tonight but more importantly, perhaps I have found something that will get my mind off things for a little while.

Update Note: 10:31pm - Well, the online lobby is a ghost town tonight.

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