Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Games Alert!

You would think that after the new game extravaganza last month that it would take a while before I get new games but here we are. It's always a bit dangerous whenever I stop by the electronic store and I made the "mistake" at stopping at one yesterday afternoon while I was out on an errand. I must have contracted some form of Nintendo disease from somewhere because I picked up Knights in the Nightmare for the Nintendo DS and Little King's Story for the Nintendo Wii. I also picked up Crimson Gem Saga for the PlayStation Portable. I am really trying to hold off on PSP games to see how things are handled for owners of UMD-based games when the PSP Go! arrives later this year, but I can't resist the allure of this one because I really like the character portrait cut-outs that pop-up all over its classically laid out battle screens.

Knights in the Nightmare comes with a soundtrack CD.

But that's not all! The real "star" of yesterday's purchase event was SingStar ABBA for the PlayStation 3. Every time I play SingStar, I am reminded of this game. I am sure my neighbors will appreciate me singing these classics, no?

♪You can dance! You can ji-ive! Having the time of your liife!♫
Get ready SingStar community!

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