Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loner Gamer Content Overhaul

I was looking down at my notebook earlier as I was jotting down Heroes of Newerth into today's entry when I realized that I am currently a month behind on my Daily Game Log. When I first started this feature, I used to only list the date, the games played, and sometimes some notes on the prominent things that I have done on the day in question. After a while, the Daily Game Log became a bit of a boring daily entry with little to no substance other than the fact that it serves a very personal purpose for me. Well, I know that some people get a kick out of knowing the specifics of what's going on in a person's private life but I am no celebrity. The bottom line is this - I am very curious to see the significance of all this in hindsight perhaps 10 or even 20 years from now, or longer. The thought of looking back at the list of games I played and how much time they were able to capture my attention is just surreal and exciting to me. On 08/14/2008, I decided to include a "Random Game of the Day" entry into each of my Daily Game Log. The reason for that is simple: 1) it would make the daily statistic more interesting, and 2) I want all of the games in my game library to have at least its own summary page if not a review. If you browse through my game library, you will see that if a game has been previewed, reviewed, or featured as a "Random Game of the Day", you will find them properly linked to those contents.

So I have decided to make some changes in regards to the Daily Game Log - starting immediately - so that I can still able to do the two specific things I have listed above while making the whole process more manageable for me. Bear in mind that this blog page is a solo project and making sure that I can get one random game attached to each Daily Game Log entry can be quite a burden. It also becomes difficult sometimes because there are days when I just really don't feel like playing anything extra because of the time constraints due to other matters in my personal life or I just basically don't feel like forcing myself to play a game. I love having the ability to experience whatever I want from my huge game library but it doesn't mean that I can jump into any game at any time. No, this doesn't mean that I will stop doing the "Random Game of the Day" articles, it just means that they will appear less often than before - I do plan to be consistent with them because at the end of the day, I still want all of my video games to have their own individual page. So here are the changes:

1) As I just described, the "Random Game of the Day" will be separated from the Daily Game Log. It will now be categorized as a "Feature Article". Just like before, these entries will be linked directly to the listed games on my game library page.

2) The Daily Game Log will only be posted on a weekly basis. I have decided to have it published every Monday and it will include games that were played the previous week. It will still be separated by days and perhaps it will be more interesting to see a week's worth of data instead of seeing it a day at a time.

3) I tend to get into the habit of writing other descriptions related to the games I played or other events that occurred to me into the Daily Game Log entries. Now, I will just post them separately, even if that means that you'll see brief articles on the page.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. The only question now is this: what am I going to do with the data from 07/25/2009 all the way to 08/30/2009? I'm currently playing with a couple of ideas in my head at the moment and all I can say is this: please bear with me when you see finally see the end result being posted up.

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