Tuesday, August 4, 2009

X-Box 360 Update Preview Program

I was very surprised tonight when I received a big update when I logged on to X-Box Live from my X-Box 360. This update turned out to be the Update Preview Program that I signed up for last Friday. During the application process, it was specifically stated that an email would be sent to me if I was accepted into the program but I haven't received anything from Microsoft as of yet - not that I am complaining, as long as I get to preview these new features that would be rolled out to all X-Box 360 owners on August 11th. I am not going to list all the little additions that came with this update but I am going over the more prominent items instead.

The biggest addition here is the ability to purchase items for your avatar. There are a nice selection of things available, including toys that your avatar can play with but there is no way I am going to spend any money on avatar items. There is now a tab for special avatar items that are unlocked from playing a game but of course, we have to wait until this feature is implemented via patches or in new software. The other big addition is the ability to watch Netflix movies with your friends. This is a feature that I will not be using at all because I watch my Netflix stream from my gaming Personal Computer that's hooked up to my high definition display. I do want to test it out a couple of times though just to see what it's all about. Another significant update here is the year indicator that is now attached to your gamertag - mine is showing "6", signifying the 6 years I have been on X-Box Live: I was actually a beta tester for the X-Box Live service long before its eventual launch in November of 2002. Here are some screenshots from the update:

The teaser period is over.
You want new avatar items? You better be ready to pay for them.

Sorry, I rather use my console to only play games unless it can' be helped:
Hint, hint - Blu-ray on the PlayStation 3.

Now the community gets to rate all the games on the Marketplace.
The overall rating for Ikaruga shocked me. I thought it would average a 1.

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