Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to Make a Game with Never-Ending DLCs

Ah, The Typing of the Dead: Overkill on Steam. It's one of the best games ever released. Sega's return to typing software/game hybrid not only brings with it a delicious type or die gameplay mechanics that is simply out of this world but it also contains the original shooting game, which I must say plays incredibly well with the mouse. If Sega plays their cards right, they can continue to produce a never ending amount of downloadable content for this game. They already released the "Shakespeare DLC" which I still have not gotten yet but plan to in the future and just a couple of days ago, they even gave the game a free update:

Epic. So epic. That zombie Football Manager is simply sublime.

This DLC is of course, just plain hilarious. Typing in football lexicons to kill zombies is so offbeat yet so thrilling and it further celebrates the utter ridiculousness of the whole premise of the game. I also love the fact that you can specify how much of the new themed dictionary would actually show up in the game. So what's next? "Sonic & Friends"? "Stephen King"? "Fun with Dyslexia"? Get creative Sega and keep them coming!

Who isn't, right?

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