Monday, December 9, 2013

Uplay Superseding Steam? It's True...

I love streaming my gameplay over, even when there's nobody watching. It's more like a gameplay recorder where I can go back and highlight cool moments if those happened during my gameplay sessions. Every time I play something, it's streamed on and that's just how it is these days. Gameplay broadcasting is just the new normal, that is why we can see platforms like Origin, the PlayStation 4, and soon, the X-Box One offering an easy way to help people get into streaming. Even NVIDIA is going to release a native streaming capability for their modern graphics card. So why is it that Valve still hasn't done anything in this field? Why wouldn't they provide the capability for players to broadcast gameplay natively using the Steam client? And what is this now? I was installing Rayman Legends using the Uplay client and I noticed the logo on the top bar that revealed this intriguing Uplay feature:

Beaten by Ubisoft? That is rather embarrassing.

I was speechless. Utterly speechless. How could this happen? And that teaser line of "This is only the beginning" - Does it mean that eventually any games being played on the Personal Computer can be streamed to using Uplay like the way it is with Origin? The Uplay client provides you with plenty of customization options to fit your broadcasting needs:

Looks promising but the performance isn't the best.

Even at High CPU Utilization, I found that the Uplay client did struggle to maintain a decent 60fps stream and the image quality didn't look that great when there were plenty of things happening on screen. It was better than that PS4 native stream of course but that's an easy feat to accomplish on the PC. I would still be using OBS for my gameplay broadcast but those people who value convenience may want to just use the native streaming option while playing a Uplay game since it has virtually no performance impact on the actual game being played. The burning question here is this: When will Steam reveal its gameplay broadcast plans? Perhaps Valve is trying to hatch something big that goes beyond streaming? I am still looking forward to the possibility of watching someone play a game that I have installed by launching that very game and see everything being ran with the in-game graphics engine. Do it Valve!

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