Sunday, December 15, 2013

Killzone: Viewership Fall

Sony really wants the whole PlayStation 4 native streaming to succeed but with the console's inability to provide high quality video broadcast, it's an impossible goal to reach. Those who want their PS4 game broadcast to look more than merely decent must still, unfortunately, invest in other methods outside of the console. That doesn't stop the feature from being heavily promoted on however - I have seen plenty of banners that remind people that the PS4 can stream natively on Twitch - and between Friday December 13th and December 17th next week, those who stream Killzone: Shadow Fall for at least an hour will be entered into a sweepstakes to win Twitch gears.

Meanwhile, the top two games being streamed always remain the same.

Though it is specified under the Official Rules that they are not the sponsor, I am pretty sure that this whole thing was done on behest of Sony. Just think about it, Twitch has nothing to gain from this because there are plenty of other exciting games that could garner a larger viewership thus increasing Twitch's revenue from advertising. It's funny though that you can qualify to win even if you don't use the PS4's native streaming feature, which is really a slap in the face to Sony. Sony should have just jumped in and offer say a $50 PlayStation Store Gift Card daily prize for those who actually stream natively from the PS4. So how successful has this been to push the number of people broadcasting and watching some Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay? This was how things looked at 10am today:

Yes, Tibia got 1 more viewer. That's pretty sad.

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