Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Digital Christmas & A New Milestone

The number of Personal Computer games I have is growing fast. Like real fast. It wasn't too long ago that it hit the 700+ mark and yesterday, that number just turned to 900. Isn't it crazy? This growth is definitely directly tied to the healthy state of digital distribution of games on the PC and of course that is mostly dominated by Valve's Steam service. When I want a new game these days, I want it to be digitally delivered. It's convenient and it doesn't take up physical space - this Game Room can't handle any more physical games. Thank the galaxy Nintendo is in on the whole digital thing by allowing an easy, external hard drive solution to support digital downloads on the Wii U. I really don't feel compelled to upgrade that measly 500GB on my PlayStation 4. Sure wish Sony would allow that console to use an external HDD to install digital games. Funny how the Wii U is more forward thinking than the PS4 when it comes to design innovation. I do want to mention also that for Christmas, I mostly got digital game gifts, which is of course, quite cool. The spouse knows now that spying on my Steam Wishlist is the best way to get me the perfect gifts.

My Christmas was very merry indeed.

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