Monday, December 9, 2013

Do U Remote Control?

As you may know, I hardly watch any television. I get all of my entertainment from choosing what I want to see on the Internet - that mostly involves watching games on - as well as from my own video gaming sessions. Since the spouse loves cable TV however, I do have access to it in my Game Room. With the arrival of the PlayStation 4 last month, I unplugged the cable box and never bothered to set it back up until recently. One of my twitch viewers made a mention about the Wii U's TVii functionality so I decided to finally check out what the hoopla is all about.

Can't they at least make everything more colorful?

I was pretty impressed with how the Wii U GamePad synced with both the cable box and the television as it cycled through different configurations to find the right one for the units that I use. As for the TVii itself, the GamePad functions as a second screen of sort and I didn't spend too much time playing with it to be frank. Yeah, it's cool that you can set up your favorite shows with TVii and all that but since I am not a TV hound, these things are somewhat useless to me. What I was really interested in however was the fact that the GamePad can be used as a remote control without turning on the Wii U by merely pressing the TV button on the GamePad. I always thought those expensive touch screen universal remote controls are cool and to think that the Wii U GamePad could turn into one just seemed exiting to me. That wonderment didn't last however after I discovered that the GamePad could only control the cable box and my TV. Well that was disappointing. If only it could control my receiver, it would have been perfect. Nintendo needs to allow the GamePad to turn into a full-fledged universal remote for it would then become the best and coolest universal remote to ever exist.

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