Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mass Effect Trilogy: Rebirth

I was looking at my Origin library today and for some reason it never dawn on me that I never registered the original Mass Effect there. How could I have forgotten about this game? I can't believe that the title didn't even cross my mind when I contacted Electronic Art via their Live Help service early this year to add my retail titles to Origin. So I got the retail box out, pulled out the activation code out, and I plugged in the alphanumeric nervously. I was a bit worried that Origin wouldn't accept the code for some reason but of course, I should have known better:

Origin is awesome. Please put a lot more efforts into it, EA.

So what does this mean? Now that all three games are easily accessible via the Origin client, I should start planning my return to the ME universe. The adventures of my Commander Ingrid Shepard didn't end glamorously but I would never forgive myself if I just loaded up the last save point just to change the outcome of my final ultimatum. It would only be fair for me to start again with a brand new Shepard to discover a different end to the trilogy's tale. I think this time around, I am going to create myself a male Shepard. It would be interesting to view the galaxy from a male perspective and even that very concept in itself should be an intriguing motivation for me to venture into all three games again.

For Ingrid! No... For Alexander Shepard!

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