Friday, August 26, 2011

A Rift in My Usual Gaming Schedule

Ever since I downloaded Rift on my Personal Computer yesterday, I have been doing my best to use most of my free time to play the game. I continued where I left off - which is just a right outside of the epic prologue/tutorial area. My level 7 Cleric didn't feel right at first because I already forgotten about what I was trying to do with his build but an hour later, I realized that I wanted him to focus on being a melee damage dealer. He is at level 12 at the moment and I have finally experienced the invasion events for the game where computer opponents are sent to the important points of the map to capture the areas in question. These are actually a lot of fun and the first time it happened, it really caught me by surprise: I was happily crafting when a bunch of enemy soldiers suddenly attacked the area which resulted in my first death in the game. What worries me though is that there doesn't seem to be a lot of low level characters running about this first main area of the game. It's probably because I am playing in a low population server (Amardis). There is a transfer option on the character select menu but I am unable to use it at the moment because apparently my character's level is too low.

The invasions make the game feels quite dynamic.

Another pleasant discovery I encountered so far is the game's "Riftconnect" feature that allows you to sign in to your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts while playing the game. This works similarly to the Facebook feature for some PlayStation 3 games where certain events in the game will trigger log entries onto the website. You can also choose to tweet without leaving the game. The Riftconnect also has an in-game video recording tool that captures your gameplay footage at 720p resolution. The encoding is a little rough but the file size is quite small, which is always a good thing. Once a footage is captured, you can then have the video uploaded directly to YouTube while you are playing the game! This YouTube functionality mirrors the one found on some PS3 games but there, you cannot upload the video in the background. As you can probably tell, I am really having a good time playing Rift again. I don't see any reason why anyone would not play this right now with the access being free. Even if I decide to not continue the adventure when the time is up, it doesn't mean that I can't have a blast playing it. After all of those horrible "free to play" massively multiplayer online role playing games I have tried these past couple of months, Rift is certainly a welcomed distraction for me.

I really admire the game's visuals. I can see myself living here for a while.

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