Saturday, August 13, 2011

Don't Mess with the Bull!

Alistar is one of the most annoying champions to fight against in League of Legends because the headbutt and stomp abilities are real jerk moves but of course those things make him so delicious to play as. There used to be a time when I played him a lot but these days, I focus most of my time playing Soraka. As someone who hated healing as my Priest in World of Warcraft, it is fascinating how fun the task is in this game. I mostly play my Soraka as an Ability Power + Tank hybrid and that seems to work to my team's advantage a majority of the time. Well, I recently picked up my fourth fancy skin for the game for Alistair because it was on sale so it looks like it's time to play around with him again. Apparently, the people at Riot Games have a Western-cowboy fetish because that was the theme for this "Longhorn Alistar" skin. Now Alistar and my Desperada Cassiopeia can go out on a date night at the corral. If things worked out, you know that they can make such cute babies.

Riot, it's really time to update that awful default splash art for Alistar...

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