Thursday, August 11, 2011

11 is More Than Enough!

I have been playing the previously unexplored online multiplayer of Two Worlds II on the Personal Computer with a friend these last couple of days and I am really enjoying myself. I still have not completed the single player campaign but now that I am accessing the game again, it's probably a good time to get back into that. Back to the online gameplay though, I like how you start off choosing a pre-determined class and my choice was the necromancer. There is a persistent online lobby where you can shop for goods and meet other players and then when you are ready, you can choose from a variety of play options but my friend and I have been going through the "Adventure" mode that pretty much a typical dungeon run where you kill and loot monsters across the given map in an attempt to level up your character. At first. I regretted choosing my mage character because she seemed so underpowered.... that is until I was able to summon minions! I didn't dabble into sorcery in the single player campaign but now I wish that I did because once I realized that I could increase the amount of minions I could summon, things started to become real fun real fast. Whenever I leveled up, I spent all of my points into summoning until I was able to max it out at 11 summons. What proceeded that has been nothing but pure joy because 11 minions obliterating a single enemy - and it became more painful for the target because my friend is an archer and he can hit pretty darn hard himself - is just plain insane. Once, the minions cornered a warthog to a large rock formation  and then they beat it up mercilessly as its body was physically driven up the wall. Totally orgasmic! I love this game.

The only bad thing about this? You can't specify between summoning melee/ranged minions.

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