Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Deal in Gaming My Buttock!

To have a spouse who is supportive of my gaming hobby means that I usually get emails throughout the day when my spouse found some "good" gaming deals on the Internet. Not a lot of these ended up in gaming inductions - they were just cute than anything else - but some of them ended up being unintentionally funny. Like this one for example that was sent to me earlier today:

Hun, just because they say it is doesn't mean that it really is.

OnLive could have been a lot better than it is as I have stated before and this deal is certainly not the "Best Deal in Gaming. Period" that it claims itself to be. As a matter a fact, it is not even close. Why?

1) The stream quality of you playing the games from their servers still look like what someone may deposit into the toilet bowl after a case of bad chili.

2) Most of the games are not even at maxed graphical settings so it's like you are playing on a low end computer. Then, there is also that issue with 720p maximum resolution...

3) You can "buy" the games but you can't even get a copy for your local hard drive if you cancel your OnLive subscription.

4) After all of the shame, the people at OnLive are still unwilling to change their policy in regards to game ownership.

I will just use that $9.99 to get something from Steam, thank you very much!

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