Monday, August 29, 2011

You Got What in the Emporium?

As you may have known, I have wasted so much time yesterday messing around with my main character's looks for Dragon Age II on the Personal Computer. I ended up replaying the first part of the game 3 times before I was really happy with his face and guess what? I finally made it to the game's "The Black Emporium" and this is one of the free services that the place offers:

Well, the galaxy has a sense of humor...

It's a "Mirror of Transformation" and yes, as the name suggests, this mirror enables you to access the character creation screen again if you want to change the way your character looks and it doesn't cost you a single silver coin to do it! And what did I do when I found it? I gave my character a nose job because he looked like a hag when I was staring at him from certain angles... I was really close to restarting the game for the fourth time too... Scary stuff!

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