Saturday, August 20, 2011

PS Home: Checking Out the Stores

When I logged into the PlayStation Home on the PlayStation 3 about an hour ago, I noticed that the avatar items that were missing ever since my recent return to the application were finally accessible to me again. So I decided that I should redecorate my Harbor Studio. I realized very quickly however that I did not have that many items to play with. They were enough to make the space look distinctive but I wanted more customization options. I haven't been visiting Home as frequently as I wanted to originally when I reinstalled it but that is mainly due to me spending most of my time watching DOTA 2 and League of Legends competitive matches from the Gamescom convention that is currently being held in Germany. So I decided to check out the in-Home Store to browse through the items that they have for sale.

No, I don't want to be a Jedi... As least not before Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I found that the prices for most items are reasonable enough, averaging for around a dollar or two. There are some premium items however that cost more than $10. I don't see myself spending that much money for my digital items but I am actually considering buying the cheap stuff. In the past, I have purchased avatar items on the X-Box LIVE so my desire for the Home items is not that surprising to me. The coolest thing here with Home is that I can choose to display the digital items I purchase in a creative manner within my Personal Spaces and that is something that you can never do with the non-costume items for the LIVE avatar. Before I proceed with getting anything from the store however, I have convinced myself to collect as many of the free "Home Rewards" I can get from the game spaces first. This means that I will not be shelling out my precious cash any time soon because some of the things that you have to do to unlock those are a bit time consuming. Yeah, you have to really work for them but that is what makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. As I mentioned before, treating the Home application as a video game makes a lot of sense because I have given Home something that it was sorely lacking for me before... A concrete purpose!

Sony may be soulless but a lot of these game spaces are actually quite endearing.

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