Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Suddenly 50! A Tribunal Surprise

I love working the League of Legends Tribunal cases. It's a great way to help clean up the game's community and that Influence Points reward, though small, has been pretty consistent. I was somewhat worried though because out of the 10 cases I worked on per day, I haven't been rewarded for all 10 for the most part which means that I am in the minority in the decision making process for several cases.  I can say based on my experience that 99% of the player reports that come in are very valid so it is disturbing for me to think that perhaps a lot of the nasty players are logging into the Tribunal to offset the balance of things and pardon the bad behaviors instead of adhering to the Summoner's Code. Well, I have to remember that a case will not be closed and acted upon until enough pardon or punish votes come through and that may take quite a while because all of a sudden, I got rewarded for 50 cases which resulted in a 250 Influence Points in my LoL pocket! That's almost the same amount of points one could get from the first win of the day! More importantly though, I regain my confidence in the system. Remember fellow summoners, don't allow anyone to treat you disrespectfully while playing the game - file a report at the end of the game! It matters because a lot of us are really working hard to create a better community for the game through the Tribunal system!

Woah! Thank you. Not enough to unlock the new champion Talon though!

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