Monday, August 1, 2011

July 2011 Gaming Analysis

The results shown below are of course based on the combined data from the Daily Game Log which should provide a clear indication of a game's usage frequency. Bear in mind that even if a game is played twice or more during a particular day, it would still register as 1 in the Day Count column below. In a sense, "merits" are given based on how often a particular game can make me play it again throughout the entire period of the month on a daily basis. A game that makes a gamer play it over and over again or at least spend a lot of time with it... Isn't that what we mostly want from a great game? I don't think it's really fair to count all the way down to the number of hours played since some games only require a short amount of time to properly serve their purposes.


Total Games Played: 42

I stopped using Yourself!Fitness for the X-Box sometime last month and it shows. It was the second most played title last month and it will not be showing up in these reports again for a while because I am going to just stick with the treadmill for now. I was expecting Dance Central for the X-Box 360 to take the place of Yourself!Fitness but as you can see, that game was only played once last month. A one-hour session with that game really kicked my @$$ and even though that was definitely a good thing, it was a bit too exhausting for me and less fun that I thought it would be. Dance Central can be good for fitness but I just can't see it as a device to keep me moving on a daily basis. My retirement from Yourself!Fitness also returns League of Legends for the PC to its former glory of being the most played game of the month.

The third place slot is occupied by Fable III for the PC. I really enjoy playing this game and it is a lot better than the disappointing Fable II. The game had a slow start however and it utterly failed to engage me during the first several sessions of play. Once I was able to customize the outfit that my character was wearing however, things got a lot better, especially when the wardrobe selections started to expand. I didn't expect to enjoy this game as much I do and I want to keep playing it until I get to the end.

This Month's Inductees:

Total Inductions: 17

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