Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh My Galaxy: PS Home Kimono!

They got me... They got me good! As I posted yesterday, I have returned to PlayStation Home in an effort to greedily explore all of the casual variety games it has in store for me and treat that application as a video game in which the play objective is to unlock as many items as possible to customize my avatar and apartments. I have only downloaded 2-3 virtual spaces and already I found something extraordinary... A free kimono outfit!

And I actually paid money for that kimono outfit for my X-Box 360 avatar?

You know that I just absolutely love my kimono and this just makes things extermely exciting for me. I do need to find a pair of comfortable slippers to complete the look however. It is rather hazardous to run around these virtual spaces with just my bare feet you know. Sure, this kimono is not fancy nor colorful - you have to buy those at the PlayStation Network Store - but it is awesome enough. Speaking of buying items, though there is a part of me that doesn't mind getting the little decorative things from Home, there is currently a horrendous glitch with the application that caused a lot of people to lose their Home items. I noticed that all of my items that I accumulated prior to my return, which includes a complete Cole outfit from Infamous and a girly Fat Princess throne amongst many others, are gone and there is not a way for me to redownload them. Apparently, this problem occured during the last big patch and the official forum is flooded with angry Home enthusiasts. Some of them are able to finally get their items back while the rest are still waiting for the problem to be fixed. I sure hope that it will get resolved because I am really enjoying my renewed Home experience.

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