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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Limbo is Nasty

Today, Limbo by the independent developer Playdead has finally made it to the Personal Computer via Steam. Limbo is a platform adventure game with a simple setup: "Uncertain of his sister's fate. a boy enters LIMBO...".. The PC version is $5.00 cheaper compared to console releases. I was in for a surprise when I received the game as a gift - I just completed playing a League of Legends match when the gift notification popped-up on my screen: Thanks Felix, it was extremely generous of you! So after the quick download, I started playing it and I was extremely shocked by the game's... violence. From watching some of the gameplay footage and screenshots in the past, I knew that the game would contain a really dark overtone but I didn't expect that the representation of deaths in this game were going to be so disturbing. Thus, Limbo is one nasty game... but in a good way. I am really enjoying its unapologetic sense of cruelty, the stark black and white visuals, and the thick atmosphere of dread. I sure hope that everything will turn out alright for the boy in the end but I wouldn't be surprised if it all ends with something incredibly menacing judging from how the game is progressing thus far.

Limbo offers a wide variety of excruciating deaths for the little boy.


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Kelli said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the deaths were disturbing. Silent deaths are always the painful ones