Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SSFIV AE Extra Costumes: Are They Really Worth It?

I think by now we all should know that Capcom wants to milk the Street Fighter IV license dry - first, there are 3 iterations of the same game and then there are the downloadable extra costumes for the characters. Thankfully, I have been fortunate enough with my jumps between one SFIV title to the next because I have been able to sell my copies of the games for a pretty decent return. My first SFIV ownership was that of the PlayStation 3 version - which happens to be the inferior version of the game because of some graphical quirks. Then, I got the game again for the Personal Computer and this is the only copy of the "old" SFIV that I still have. Then, I got the X-Box 360 version of Super SFIV that I was able to sell off in preparation for the most recent release of Arcade Edition for the PC. I got the Steam version of AE and it was only recently that Steam users are able to download the costume packs for the game. There is an option to get all 103 alternate costumes for the characters for only $15. Buying the separate costume packs will increase the price of course so this seems to be the best deal for those looking to get these alternate character looks. The question here of course if whether or not it's even worth paying an extra $15 on top of the game itself when these costumes should have been readily accessible with the admission price. I mean, just look a game like Tekken 6 and how you are able to freely customize the looks of your characters by collecting costume pieces by just playing the game. For me though, since the costume pack is able to make Rose look like this... is so very worth it! Yes, Capcom is greedy but I can't say no to my hot "French Maid" Rose so after much deliberation, I have unlocked the "All-In Costume Pack" today. I really wish that the computer opponents would use these alternate costumes while you fighting them to create much needed variety whenever I run through the arcade mode, which I do enjoy playing more than the online matches. I guess it's time for me to visit the online lobby.

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