Monday, August 15, 2011

PS Home: The Video Game!

It is fact that the PlayStation Home application on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 is a horrible failure as a place for social gathering for the console users. It's clunky, it has a lot of long loading time, and it is filled with avatars with little to no fashion sense. The fact that it is still in beta after all these years is a testament that it is a bad financial investment for Sony. Still, I think I have been wrong about this whole thing. Sure, as a social getaway, the PS Home is a grand, ambitious concept gone incredibly awry, but if you think of the application as just a free game from Sony, well, it may not be all that bad!

Don't be homeless on the PSN. Get back in!

Just stay with me on this for a moment... I had one of those weird moments earlier when I just couldn't decide on how I want to spend my evening while I had the PS3 booted up and suddenly I saw that lame PS Home icon on the Xross Media Bar. I started thinking to myself, "Hey, I haven't visited Home in like decades. Maybe I should take a look?" I acted on that thought almost instinctively and installed the application. Then, there was a pop-up that asked me for the amount of hard drive space I would like to reserve for the application and apparently, one can choose up to 12 GB. I chose that and all of a sudden it hit me. The PS Home is not a social nexus... It is actually a massively multiplayer online role playing game lite. In it, you can download all these different stages or "spaces" as they are called there and in each area, you can partake in activities where you can unlock items for your avatars. Then the PS Home is really a variety game compilation! Yes, all of a sudden, I am getting very excited about the PS Home. Maybe someone slipped something into my ice tea this evening? PS Home, get ready to be invaded!

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Kelli said...

That's why I deleted my playstation home