Friday, August 12, 2011

The Cheaper 3DS is Not the Best 3DS...

We all know that when Nintendo was selling the Nintendo 3DS for a whopping $249.99, it was ridiculously overpriced. It is great then that Nintendo finally realized that they have been too greedy by dropping the price for the handheld down to $169.99. Is it more affordable now? Sure, still a bit pricey but sure, why not? I, however, am not convinced that I should pick the handheld up because, well please look at the image below:

Oh look, there is a new color combo... But wait! Something is still missing!

Yes, my readers, you have very keen eyes. There is something horribly missing on the bottom right hand corner of the 3DS underneath the four buttons. There's a large space there that could easily fit... a second analog stick! My take is that Nintendo is still being very brave (or perhaps they are just being incredibly foolish) to not update the flawed design of the 3DS because the PlayStation Vita is still not here. A second analog stick will become a standard once the Vita arrives. Has everyone forgotten how functional a second analog stick is especially when controlling the game camera? Not only that, it will also open up many gameplay possibilities! Don't fall for this ploy from Nintendo my fellow gamers. Wait for the 3DS with the second analog stick.

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