Friday, July 2, 2010

New Games Alert: 3 for 3 Edition!

Three games are inducted into my Game Library today for the PlayStation 3. Well, technically, they are not really PS3 games but PSOne games that are made available on the PlayStation Network Store. The fist is Mobile Light Force, which is a shoddy localization of Psikyo's first top-down shooter, Gunbird. There is no option to adjust the screen - you are stuck with the bottom and top portion missing as you are moving back and forth. I could always import the Saturn version I suppose but this version is $5.99, really can't beat the price though I am shocked that the story cut-scenes are completely removed from this version. Next is the first Suikoden from Konami. The first Suikoden title that I played was the masterpiece Suikoden III so I have always wanted to play the original for a long while. I heard that number II is supposed to be mighty epic as well so hopefully, it will find its way to the PSN Store as well. Last but not least, an action adventure game, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain from Silicon Knights who are the masters of grand storytelling. This is another game where I have enjoyed only the sequels so I am looking forward to experience the game.

Update Note - 07/04/2010: I just discovered that these PSOne downloads include digital instruction manuals that can by pressing the PS logo on the game controller. Great job, Sony!

Update Note - 07/07/2010: These games can also be transferred and played on the PlayStation Portable. There is no reason to look for the original releases anymore if you don't have any of the classics made available on the PSN Store.

This is the first time that I have purchased PSOne Classics from the PSN Store.

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