Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guild Wars: A New Outlook

I got into a conversation with a fellow League of Legend player recently about our massively multiplayer online role playing game experiences and we discussed our previous obsession with titles like World of Warcraft and EverQuest II. When the conversation shifted into Guild Wars, I expressed my disappointment in regards to the game's ability/skill system where you can only customize and use only 8 of them every time you head out into battle. The guy mentioned how he would spam the same skills over and over again while playing WoW so for him, the skill limitation in GW is not that big of a deal. I remember playing my Undead Priest in WoW and I can still recall clearly that to be successful, it's not a matter of spamming the same spells but knowing what to cast from a big selection of them to match the current situation. Then, it happened: a stunning revelation thanks to the hours upon hours that I have spent playing LoL and more recently, Heroes of Newerth. In both LoL and HoN, you only gain access to up to 4 character abilities at a time and some characters have passive skills which make their actions limited. Still, there are a lot of depth to playing the characters because it's all about knowing when to use the abilities and how to combine them for the deadliest of attacks. Things should be the same in GW and I have decided to once again jump back into the game and continue playing the 3 repeatedly abandoned characters still waiting for me there. I don't know why I was too focused on the whole limited skill thing through all these years while I was on and off the game and it seems rather silly when I think about it now. Thank the galaxy that the game is still quite pretty and is still populated with players.

You just can't go wrong with playing a ninja.

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Anonymous said...

One thing i like about guild wars is that you don´t have to pay every month and thats something strange coming from ncsoft.
I played only the demo and it was a little boring. I don´t know...maybe it´s a slow phased game.