Thursday, July 1, 2010

Delicious Nintendo Platinum Love

The reward for achieving the Platinum Status on Club Nintendo for the fiscal year of 2010 has been revealed! This reward is such an improvement over last year's Mario Hat and exclusive character download for Nintendo Wii's Punch -Out!! Now, I don't feel like Platinum Members should also receive what the Gold Members are getting because the reward is just incredibly amazing:

I don't think you can top that! Maybe except maybe a free Donkey Kong Country Returns!

The Gold Members' reward is still pretty cool but it's the same as it was last year - a beautiful Nintendo Calendar, this time for 2011. I am sure that this latest Platinum reward will encourage people to spend their hard-earned cash on Nintendo products for the next fiscal year. I am trying to have my order placed for my Platinum reward but it looks like many others are trying to do the same thing right now so the website keeps crashing down on me!

Update Note - 6:57pm: I was finally able to place my order for the character figurine. The confirmation screen indicated that it would arrive by the end of the year! What a wait!

Another year, another calendar for those who achieved the Gold status.

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