Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LoL Season One Commences

After the excitement from the new official trailer yesterday, the "Season One" update has finally arrived on League of Legends. The pre-game interface now looks very sleek and modern, giving the game a more polished, expensive feel than before. Though everything looks suspiciously World of Warcraft in its design philosophy, overall Riot Games has done a tremendous job making the game a lot more attractive now than it used to be. There is no better time to join up and play this game - it is free, you have got nothing to lose. I thought it was also brilliant that they now made a new Kayle special skin where she is not wearing her helmet! I am sure that Riot Games is going to get a lot of money for that - a reminder, the only way the developer makes money from this game is the sale of alternate skins for the champions. As for the ranked matches, I am not even going to attempt them anytime soon. I want to get my summoner to level 30 before I would even consider going into the more competitive aspect of the game.

The new login screen is animated... and hot!

A sleek champion select screen before the battle commences.
Notice the lively, empowering chat and one interesting user name.

A character profile from the WoW website, just to throw you off.

No, this screenshot is not from the WoW website. Hmmm...

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