Friday, July 16, 2010

New Game Alert: It Should Be Medieval Edition!

I received a Steam game gift today on my Personal Compute in the form of Disciples III: Renaissance. It's a strategy role playing game that plays very similarly to Heroes of Might & Magic V. This means that you get to explore an overhead map, one turn at a time, while building up your base and fighting tons of enemies using a grid-based battle system.I have heard that this game has gotten a lot of bad feedback from followers of the series because it deviates from the previous offerings due of the battle system. I have never played any of the prequels so I am not sure what I am missing. I do like HoMMV though so this game is pretty stellar to me. It's worth noting that the game has a startling, stark beauty to it with an exquisite art style that transcends the rather mediocre 3D engine. The illustrations look magnificent and I really like the fact that you can actually see visual changes when you equip different equipments to your hero. The game has been out for days everywhere else but this "Steam Special Edition" (it includes bonus maps + Steam achievements) that I received was just released today. I got it in a pre-order form yesterday and it was supposed to be downloadable in the afternoon today but apparently Valve had issues unlocking the game in a timely manner and that problem was only fixed earlier this evening. No apology messages were issued for the mishap.

The game feels like a shameless HoMMV clone...

...but with more beauty and imagination.

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Anonymous said...

I played the second a little and it´s interesting. It´s not the kind of game you will understand without a tutorial but as you are a might & magic gamer i think you won´t have a problem playing it. If you don´t mind old graphics i recommend you trying the second. It´s hard to find but is worthy.