Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Close Your Lips: SingStar Update 4.40

I received a friend invite on the PlayStation 3 a couple of days ago from someone who claimed to have found me via my online profile on SingStar. I kept forgetting to check out his/her SingStar profile - which is still undetermined because the person has no video/audio clips uploaded - until today and I was pleasantly surprised by the game when I was greeted by the update message below:

The game now supports online battle! Wow, what an incredible update. They could have easily get away with including this feature in a new SingStar title but Sony's dedication to continually improve this game on the PS3 is quite noteworthy. Previous to this, I was seriously considering getting Lips for the X-Box 360 because that game allows you to play against other players online. Another big improvement added to the game with this patch is the vibrato detection. Those who have played SingStar for a while know that singing with vibrato would oftentimes confuse the game into thinking that you are singing out of tune, even during notes that was sung with vibrato by the original artist. This addition has actually corrected the game's voice detection technology where it could now detect subtle pitch fluctuation while you are singing. Other smaller additions that came with the patch include a PlayStation Portable cross-functionality and increased amount of user created clubs that you can join. Now if only Sony could sell us better selections of songs from the SingStore...

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