Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Games Alert: A Gooey Fantasy Edition!

Two more games for my Game Library today: The first is the elusive Phantasy Star 0 for the Nintendo DS. I wasn't able to find this game at retail and it's availability was even limited online. With the exception of Phantasy Star Universe on the X-Box 360, I love this pseudo massively multiplayer online series. It's basically a modern hack and slash dungeon crawler that can be played up to four players online and locally. The game looks great but I haven't tried the online feature yet as I am just going through the story mode at the moment. I hope there are still a lot of people playing this online.

When you can't come up with a good subtitle, "0" is always the popular choice!

The second game is World of Goo for the Personal Computer. This one is a Steam summer sale purchase and the game is being sold as today's special. Goo is a puzzle game where you have to strategically get your goo from one point on the map to a goal area by interconnecting them into various shapes. It's hypnotic and fun. I almost got the game when it first came out on the Nintendo Wii but I am glad that I waited for it because the game looks very sharp on the PC.

I must say that I actually prefer moving the goo around with the Wii-mote - shocking!

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Anonymous said...

World of Good is a blast to play!