Friday, July 16, 2010

Almost an Avatar Pet Owner

That was very close. I almost bought a "Sphinx" from the new "Fantasy Pets" collection on the X-Box 360's Avatar Marketplace. There are two creatures that I was very interested in: the cocky Phoenix and the moody Sphinx. I almost didn't mind that these "pets" are just merely repetitious animation routines that intermittently show up on your avatar on the dashboard - I think it would be way cooler if the pet just stays with your avatar indefinitely. What made these new pets more exciting than the last offering is that they are substantially larger in size and the level of interaction your avatar has with them are just really entertaining. You almost got me Microsoft! I sure hope that you will never offer any price discounts on these ultra-cute pets!

That Egyptian dance is totally rad... Must... Buy... Pet... No! Don't do it, L.G.!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think paying for a pet that interact with the avatar is not worthy. I preffer a game where i can play with my pet (like fable 3).