Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LoL: New Champions Secured

On 01/20/2014, I unlocked the final champion I needed to complete my League of Legends roster. So the question here is this: How much Influence Points - the currency you earn from merely playing the game that you can use to unlock a champion - can an avid player earn in between the releases of a new champion when that player doesn't spend any of it on anything else in the game? With the latest champion, Vel'Koz, being released just around the corner, the IP accumulation should look something like this:

That is a lot of of IP to spend.

Yeah, I am at at 14,468 IP at the moment and I certainly will always have enough of it to spend on any new champion as soon as they arrive. But I am going to approach this the smart way: New champions will cost a slightly higher amount of IP during the release week so I will have them unlocked on the second week. The most expensive regularly priced champion is 6300 IP: I could even unlock two new champions if they were to be released simultaneously. Life is good in Runeterra!

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