Friday, February 21, 2014

iCade Core: The iPad Arcade

My ION iCade Core arrived yesterday and I was quite excited to use it with the compatible games on my iPad 2. I am not an arcade stick connoisseur but I do like the idea of playing my iOS games without touch controls. I didn't mind using the long, thick stick that you have to grip with your entire hand and the large buttons that takes efforts to press when I visited the arcades in my youth but I have always preferred the small, more manageable solutions offered by the home platforms. I even like using just a D-Pad for fighting games though I have always dislike the trend of leaving only 4 buttons on the controller's face versus six. I sure wished that most iOS are compatible with the stick but for $20, it's a fun little diversion and of course, a nice place for me to rest my iPad. Using the iCade Core while playing iOS games on my large display also works pretty well and I didn't experience any kind of lag. I don't have a Bluetooth receiver on my Personal Computer so I can't determine whether or not this arcade stick can be used for my PC games. I got two new games for the iOS yesterday just so that I can play them with the iCade Core and I hope there will be more to come!

Tapping on those large buttons is such a workout! My poor fingers.

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