Thursday, February 6, 2014

Combating Depression with Redecoration

The spouse, who has been in my life for 15+ years, knows that I like to move things around in my Game Room every so often. I never pondered about it before but I always have a Game Room setup in my life with my then-significant other since the beginning of our relationship. Well, there was a period of a couple of months when all my gaming materials were packed away because we were in a state of transition, searching for our very own place. I had just completed my undergraduate studies and was in the process of looking for a job. I remember playing Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on the PlayStation One during that aforementioned period and I didn't get back to my other gaming platforms until we found our apartment. I am trailing off quite a bit here so let's get back to the main story. Redecorating my Game Room is a personal and soothing process. It's the one thing that I know I have control over, a constant element in this ever fluctuating, unpredictable life that I, and perhaps you, live in. Thus, on top of the obsessive Audiosurf sessions, I am also redecorating my Game Room to help manage my current problem with depression. I am not doing anything major though because I don't feel that adventurous, but the room will look better I believe once I am done. At least, that is what I planned on accomplishing.

A change driven not by choice but by necessity.

It's all about evaluating spatial efficiency here and I have already found several problem areas that needed to be addressed: like that GameCube media tower of mine that shouldn't be placed in front of a window because it's blocking the only source of sunlight coming in. I did pick up a new media organizer last night to occupy the one last bit of empty space I have in the room. It's really there to address the small amount of physical games that I am sure I will still be forced to bring in since only Personal Computer gaming has long embraced the digital distribution bliss. I am sure that I will have the Game Room fully functional again by sometime this evening. I do know that I wouldn't be able to game until the place looks somewhat ready. Besides, I desperately need that unmistakable feeling of euphoria that will certainly accompany the project's completion as well.

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