Saturday, February 8, 2014

EA Origin: Can't Wait Anymore

Electronic Arts released a new patch for their Origin client yesterday and you guessed it, they still haven't fixed the problem with the client not tracking gameplay time of non-Origin games. I have contacted them twice, maybe three times, about this and yet, they are still not willing to fix the problem? It's not like I am begging them for a new feature but this is something that was already there to begin with that got broken somewhere along the line. So I have had it with Origin. The gameplay time tracker for non-Origin game was the one shining feature that Origin had over Steam but it is apparent now that EA just doesn't care. I have decided to move all those non-Origin games back into Steam. It's too late now, EA. I will only use your client for native Origin games. You lose.

Welcome back to Steam, League of Legends.

Update Note: 9:30am - And oh, I will also launch Origin from Steam again because... That is something you surely deserve.

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