Thursday, February 27, 2014

Game Room: Now a Spill-Free Zone

I am so clumsy with my drinking water inside the Game Room. It seems like without fail, I would spill water all over the place at least once a week. Well, I have had it. Starting earlier this week, I have decided to not allow open containers of water in the room anymore. With the new rule implemented, my clumsiness hasn't stopped - I still managed to knock down these cups with lids on them but at least the catastrophic wetness no longer proceeded them. I suppose it's just common sense to be more careful with food and drinks in the Game Room but I always thought that I was mindful enough to ensure that none of my gaming stuff are in any serious jeopardy. The worst accident that ever occurred involving fluids? That was when I unintentionally kicked a glass full of water - yes, I normally place them on the floor next to my gaming chair and forgot that I put them there when it was time to move - and it spattered all over my Wii U Gamepad. It was scary. Why did it take so long for me to learn my lesson? Oh well, at least I am taking action now before anything got damaged.

Yes, I have actually spilled that entire jug in my Game Room before...

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