Monday, February 3, 2014

Steam Music? Oh No...

Steam is the absolute best place to game, there is no doubt about that. There is absolutely nothing anymore that the console world could offer that would take that away from Valve, ever. Nintendo should definitely start to work on that eventual transition to Steam sooner so that they can start making some real money. Still, not every single feature that Steam pushes out is going to be incredible. The Big Picture mode is highly misleading - since you can always just play your Personal Computer games on the big screen without it - and this new "Steam Music" that was introduced today is also another misguided feature.

I suppose developers should stop paying composers to make music for their games.

I don't understand why many people rather listen to an outside sound source while playing video games. Even when a game soundtrack is lacking or bad, I always want to stay true to a game's original design. A majority of broadcasters on twitch play popular music in the background and whenever I come across those channels, I normally switch to something else because it's quite annoying to me. You can pretty much open a media player or website of your choice and let your custom song list play in the background right now without Steam Music so this is going to be all about a slicker implementation of that within the confines of the Steam client itself. I won't be using it and unlike the Family Sharing feature, missing out on the usage of this one doesn't bother me one bit.

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overscan68000 said...

I certainly appreciate your sentiment, that a game should be played true to the designer's original vision, but it think it's a good option to have.

Some games benefit. I enjoyed using my own soundtrack in Pure and other racing games. Pure is a damn fond memory, listening to Calvin Harris and Pendulum as I played. It's a little different for other genres though.